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Jai Hind College

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Jai Hind College

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Student Bodies

Students' Council
Literary & Debating Society
Reading Room
Magazine Committee
Hobby Centre
Social & Dramatic Union
Rotaract Club (Jai Hind College)





Literary & Debating Society

This society is one of the six major student societies, established in the 1950's to promote the elocution and debating talents among the students to enable them to become more complete personalities.

Over the years, the society has progressed from strength to strength, and with every passing academic year, additional and innovative programs have been added. The two traditional activities include the Staff v/s Students Debate, and the Annual Kewalramani Trophy Elocution competition.

During the recent past, under the aegis of Dr. D.M. Harver, as the chairperson, several other dimensions have been added to the activities. The program "Who's Line is it Anyway?" is found to be the most popular among the students. Also as a departure from the norms, it was decided in 1994 to appoint speakers and public personalities.

The quality and standard of both elocution and debate have been significantly raised, so much so that in 1997 one of the major companies, Jenson and Nicholson, presented their own rolling trophy to promote the elocution  competition.

During the current academic year, which coincided with the Golden Jubilee of the College, the Literary Debating Society proposes to organize an Alumni v/s Students debate as one of its activities.

Some of the eminent speakers from among our past students who have achieved remarkable success in their careers include Mr. Moos, Miss Vinaya Shetty, Miss Gitanjali Chabbria, Mr. Kunal Jeswani, Mr. Kunal Bajaj, Mr. Croyden Fernandes, Miss Tasneem Jetpurwalla, others included.

Chairperson : Dr. D.M. Harver
Vice-Chairperson : Prof. (Mrs.) Kamal Jadhav
Secretary : Vinifer Gandhi
Co-opted Member : Mehernosh Mehta
Jt. Secretary : Rohit Bagai


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The Reading Room

The Reading Rooms main activity for the year is organizing the Book Exhibition. It usually takes place during the beginning of the second term. This year, the exhibition was organized on a larger scale than in the past. Other activities this year included a creative writing competition to spot budding writers and provide them with an opportunity to manifest their latent talent.

The Reading Room would like to make progressive strides thereby bettering its performance and growing bigger each year.

The Book Exhibition

The duration of the exhibition was 3 days (24th Nov. - 26th Nov.). From books on Computers, Astrology, Management, History, Economics, the Sciences to languages, Cinema, Art, Drama, Fiction and the classics, it was an all encompassing panorama. An effort was made to encourage students to take interest in a more off-beat genre of books.

Ms. Eunice D'Souza, an eminent poet, was invited to inaugurate the event. After the inauguration, students were invited to an evocative  reading of her poetry.

The exhibition was well attended, with students form various colleges coming in as well. In order to encourage sales, Jealous Jeans  organized a raffle.


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The Magazine Committee

Commemorating the Golden Jubilee year, the Magazine Committee proposes to bring out a special Golden Jubilee edition of Saraswati, the official college magazine.

The word Saraswati has been derived from the name of the Hindu Goddess of Learning which has continued to enlighten the readers in the field of education and other related activities. The magazine has assumed an academic profile for the last 15 years under Mrs. K.A. Hingorani as its chairperson.

Aims & Objectives

As a mirror of college activities, it highlights the major happenings and events that take place under the titles of various societies of the college.

It includes photographs, articles, poems, humour, quotes and reports in six languages i.e. English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, French and Sindhi. The front cover of the magazine is in English and the back cover is in Sindhi, this being a Sindhi college magazine.

The magazine board consists of :

Dada J.P. Vaswani, patron of the college
President : Prin. Shivdasani
Chairperson : Prof. (Mrs.) K.A. Hingorani
Student Secretary : Ms. Mansi Bhagat (TYBA)
Student Editors : Mr. Mehernosh Mehta (SYBA), Ms. Zia Pochkhanawala (TYBA)

The Student committee consists of 6 student members.


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Hobby Centre

In keeping with the tradition of the college to produce men and women of intellect as well as talent, the Hobby Centre was established. Over the years the Centre has endeavoured  to harness the skills and talents of our students, which hitherto laid untapped.


Personality Contest

Annual Bazaar Day

Workshops : Calligraphy, Cookery, Creative Writing

Seminars : Personality Development

Chairperson: Prof. (Mrs.) M.C. Dias
Secretary : Jai Khatanhar
Jt. Secretary : Jimmy Bhathena


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Social & Dramatic Union

" . . .    to hold as it were, a mirror upto nature;To show virtue her own feature,score her own image and body of the time, its form and pressure." -Hamlet

That was and is the prerogative of The  Social and Dramatic Union(S.D.U)

The S.D.U is one of the foremost student bodies which plays a vital role in tapping, encouraging and developing student talent. Novelty has been an inherent feature of this student body. Its genesis is almost as antiquely precious as the college itself.

A kaleidoscope of The Talent Parade, Inter-Class Dramatics, Rose Day and College Day, the society indulges Jai Hindites to treats. The most recent feather in its cap was the Performing Arts Trophy at Malhar in 1996. It has won laurels for Jai Hind when its talents are displayed on the COPWUD stage - the actors, writers and directors are appraised. Its students have gone on to become acknowledged professionals and renowned artists (Homi Wadia, Sanjay Solomon, Tikku Talsania, Sunil Dutt, Sujata Mehta).

The society has not lost momentum. It has taken on new challenges and at the same time shed a few old feathers to retain its integrity and motivate its workforce.

From Mr. Ram Punjwani, its first Chairperson, to the youngest members, the societies shows an unblemished and promising ascent into the aeons to come.

Chairperson: Mrs. A Suri
Secretary: Ms. Anuja Ghosalkar

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