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Jai Hind College

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Department of Physics

The Physics Department, since its inception 5 decades ago, has grown from strength tostrength, and is today one of the prominent departments having a large number of students.Students can opt for Physics as one of the subjects at the undergraduate level and alsomajor with Physics at the B.Sc. level.

The introduction of vocational courses (Electronics in 1986, Computer Science in 1994)by the Department at the Junior College level has produced quite a few merit holders atthe HSC Examination, apart from benefiting the students at large. Accordingly, thestrength of students has increased from 25 to 60 in Electronics and from 25 to 50 inComputer Science.

The introduction of vocational courses (Instrumentation and Computer Application) hasopened a new path for the career seeking degree college students. In vocational courses,they are taught by the visiting faculty from the University as well as the Industry. Thestudents are also given practical field training (on the job) for a period of 1 month.

Over the years, the physics students have enjoyed the tutelage of reputed stalwarts ofthe Department. At present it boasts a family of staff members, though comparatively youngand enthusiastic, yet knowledgeable and experienced, friendly and dedicated. They are notonly good teachers, but are guides and philosophers in the true sense.


Degree College

Junior College

Prof. Jivan Seshan (Head of Department) M.Sc. Mrs. P. Shah M.Sc.; D.H.E.
Mrs. A. Shroff M.Sc.; M.Phil. Mr. J. Birajdar M.Sc.; D.H.E.
Mrs. F.J. Mistry (Prof. in Charge of Science Faculty) M.Sc.; M.Phil. Mr. S. Salagare M.Sc.; D.H.E.
Dr. (Mrs.) S. Khatua Ph.D. Mr. U. Ambesange M.Sc.; D.H.E.; L.L.B.
Mrs. D. Daruwalla M.Sc.; M.Phil. Mrs. M. Ghurye M.Sc.; D.H.E.
Dr. (Mrs.) V. Dhar Ph.D. Ms. K. Jain M.Sc.; D.H.E.
Prof. R.H. Shroff M.Sc. Mrs. M. Dalvi M.Sc.; B.Ed.
    Mrs. Rajlakshmi M.Sc.; B.Ed.
    Mr. R. Samel M.Sc.; B.Ed.
    Mrs. V. Joshi M.Sc.
    Mrs. J. Deorukhkar M.Sc.
    Mr. D. Rane I.T.I.; N.C.T.V.T.
    Mrs. S. Tajne I.T.I.; N.C.T.V.T.

Physics Society

The Physics Society, under the able leadership of Prof. Jivan Seshan, and now Prof.(Mrs.) Shroff, has emerged as one of the top-most societies offering both intra as well asinter-collegiate activities such as essay writing, quiz, competitive examinations, and totop it all, the eagerly awaited Science Exhibition.

Chairperson : Mrs. A. Shroff

Computer Society

The Computer Society is also a part of this Department conducting competitiveexaminations, quiz competitions and awarding scholarships.

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