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Jai Hind College

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Department of Chemistry

This Department saw its inception in 1949 in the old premises. Prof. G.S.Kotwani. a renowned author of Chemistry text books, was the first head.  TheDepartment participates in inter-disciplinary teaching e.g. the History syllabus at theTYBA level has a chapter dealing with Chemistry of Preservation. The Department helps inteaching this topic. The Commerce syllabus at the SYBCom level includes a chapter dealingwith the environment which also involves some chemistry which the department helps inteaching.


Degree College

Junior college

Principal N.W. Shivdasani (Head of Department) M.Sc. (Org. Chem.) Prof. (Mrs.) V.K. Naik M.Sc. (Inorg. Chem.); D.H.E.
Prof. S.J. Ahuja M.Sc. (Phys. Chem.) Prof. (Ms.) A.R. Desai M.Sc. (Org. Chem.); D.H.E.
Prof. (Mrs.) R.L. Malkani M.Sc. (Org. Chem.) Prof. (Ms.) S. Jaisinghani M.Sc. (Inorg. Chem.); D.H.E.
Prof. (Mrs.) M.R. Mirchandani M.Sc. (Org. Chem.) Prof. (Mrs.) J.P. Sharma M.Sc. (Inorg. Chem.); B.Ed.
Dr. (Mrs.) P.D. Shah Ph.D. (Inorg. Chem.) I.I.Sc. Prof. (Mrs.) D.R. Patel M.Sc. (Inorg. Chem.); D.H.E.
Dr. S.H. Purohit Ph.D. (Inorg. Chem.) U.D.C.T. Prof. (Mrs.) J.N. Thakur M.Sc. (Inorg. Chem.); D.H.E.
Dr. (Mrs.) K.D. Kanitkar Ph.D. (Phys. Org. Chem.) Univ. of Mass. Prof. (Mrs.) J.R. Gazdar M.Sc. (Anly. Chem.); B.Ed.
Prof. B.K.N. Singh M.Sc. (Org. Chem.) Prof. (Ms.) S.J. Malkani M.Sc. (Phys. Chem.); B.Ed.
    Prof. V.S. Shah M.Sc. (Org. Chem.); B.Ed.



The Department undertakes excursions and visits to industrial units togive the students a hands-on practical view of the theories learnt in class. Besides this,the department regularly sends its students to participate in various inter-collegiateQuiz competitions on Chemistry.

The Chemical Society has an excellent library whichincludes several rare collections of books on diverse subjects related to Chemistry togive the students a distinctive edge in their preparations and future careers.

At the Sixth International Symposium on Advances inElectrochemical Science and Technology from the 26th - 28th Nov. 1998 at Chennai,India, organised by the Society for Advancement of Electrochemical Science andTechnology, Karaikudi, and the Central Electrochemical Research Institute (C.S.I.R.),Dr. S.H. Purohit presented a paper on "Physico-Chemical Studies in Metal CitrateComplexes".

Physico-Chemical Studies in Metal Citrate Complexes - Abstract

The stability constants of the Citrate Complexes of Copper (II), Lead(II)and Cadmium(II) metals have been determined by direct potentiometry using amalgamelectrodes; as well as, by direct polarography using DME. the investigations have beencarried out at 30 degrees Celsius, 40 degrees Celsius, and 50 degrees Celsius, in aperchlorate medium at zonic strength = 2 and at pH = 4.8. The valuesof the stability constants obtained by the 2 independent techniques, show good agreement.The enthalpy changes accompanying the complex formation reactions were evaluated using VanHoff's equation. The investigations show that under the experimental conditions of pH,Citric acid as a monodentate ligand with Cu (II), Pb(II) and Cd(II) metal ions formingmono-, bis-, tris-, and tetra-coordinated complexes.

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