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Jai Hind College

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Jai Hind College

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Department Of Biology

See Also : Departmentof Botany


Degree College

Junior College

Dr. B. Sasikumar (Head Of Department) M.Sc.; Ph.D.; D.H.E.; F.B.S.;Research Guide in Botany for M.Sc. & Ph.D. Dr. Y.K. Lahir M.Sc.; Ph.D.; D.H.E
Dr. (Mrs.) S. Sasikumar M.Sc.; Ph.D.; D.H.E.; Reader and Research Guide in Botany for M.Sc. & Ph.D. Mrs. M.K. Eapan M.Sc.; L.L.M.; D.H.E
Dr. B.M. Tamhane M.Sc.; Ph.D.; D.H.E.; Reader in Botany Mrs. J.M. Sardesai M.Sc.; D.H.E
Dr. (Mrs.) A.N. Joshi M.Sc.; Ph.D.; D.H.E.; Reader in Botany Mrs. A. Vani M.Sc.; D.H.E
Mrs. S.A. Ghodbole M.Sc.; Ph.D.; Lecturer in Botany Dr. (Mrs.) C. Chawla M.Sc.; Ph.D.; D.H.E
    Mrs. Lata Raji M.Sc.; B.Ed.
    Dr. (Mrs.) Anupama Singh M.Sc.; Ph.D.; B.Ed.


Courses Offered

Degree College

FYBsc. : Botany (2 Units) + Chemistry + (Zoology / Life Science / Physics) + FoundationCourse

SYBsc. : Botany (3 Units) + Chemistry + Foundation Course

TYBsc. : Botany (6 Units) + Applied Component ( Horticulture + Gardening)

M.Sc. (by research)

Ph.D. : Botany (Plant Biotechnology, Aerobiology & Human Allergy, Plant Morphology,Anatomy & Palyndogy)


Junior College

Biology along with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics


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Department of Botany

The Department of Biology includes subject of Botany at the Degree leveland Biology at the Junior level (incl. Botany and Zoology).

The Department of Botany is one of the oldest departments and isinstrumental in preparing the students for the 3 year degree course. Botany is offered asa major and its students excel year after year. Some of them even pursue the Diploma inMedical Laboratory technology (D.M.L.T.) and other such allied courses, the favouritebeing Landscape Gardening and Horticulture (Horticulture is an allied component i.e. asubject that B.Sc. students have to qualify in along with their major).

Those students who major in botany may take up assignments in researchleading to Ph.D. degrees (in some of the prestigious institutes of the U.S. of A. orinstitutes like B.A.R.C. or an I.I.S. in India).

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