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Jai Hind College

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Faculty of Commerce

The Faculty of Commerce is relatively young as compared to the Science and Arts faculties in the University of Mumbai. However, enrollment in this faculty is the maximum. This has been especially so since the 1970's and the rush appears to continue unabated right into the next century.

There are several career options possible after a B.Com. Degree. Some of these are Chartered Accountancy, Cost Accountancy, post-graduate degrees in Business Management, Banking and Finance, Marketing etc. This may explain the reason for the rush of students.

Unlike the Science and Arts faculties, the B.Com. students do not really have a choice as far as individual subjects are concerned. The 7 papers at the FYBCom level are compulsory. At the SYBCom level, there are 6 papers + 1 optional paper (applied component - related to the practical side of business). The relevant options in the SYBCom class are advertising and Computer Programming. There are 7 papers at the TYBCom level - 2 are compulsory; 3 papers belong to an optional group where the popular options are Financial Accounting and Business Management (Jai Hind offers the first only); the other 2 papers are applied components where the students of the college choose from Export Marketing, Industrial Psychology and Computer Systems & Applications.

Apart from the B.Com. classes, this college also allows their B.A(Bachelor of Arts)   students to offer commerce as a part major subject along with economics.This involves 1 paper at the F.Y.B.A level, 2 papers at the S.Y.B.A level and 3 papers at the T.Y.B.A level.

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