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Jai Hind College

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Jai Hind College

Address :

"A" Road, Churchgate, Mumbai - 400 020 Maharashtra, India.

Tel: (91-22) 2041095

Fax:(91-22) 2886483




Department ofEnglish

The Department of English derives its prestige from the association of fine scholars oferudition since its very inception. Its funding head was also the founder Principal of thecollege, Prof. T.M. Advani who helped to give it solid beginnings. It was fortunateto have writers of the calibre of Prof. M.V. Malkani and Prof. K.B. Advani(both Sahitya Akademi Award winners) and heads such as Prof. M.A. Gidwaniand Prof. S.M. Rai.

The Department achieved its present status because of a number of teachers of standing- the Mistris (now in Purdue), Prof. N.A. Modi, the late Prof.Mrs. A. Chaubal. The present head, Prof. Mrs. V.R. Balaporia is the Dean ofthe Arts faculty in the University of Mumbai and the Chairperson of theBoard of Studies in English. She and Profs. Roshan and Govind Shahani arerecognized teachers at the post-graduate level, being Ph.D. Guides with half adozen research students registered with them.

The Department offers papers in emergent areas of interest such as PostColonial Theory, Popular Culture (which involves a semiotic analysis of popularculture forms) and The Art of Writing & Description of Language. The Departmenthas been aided in its endeavours by an impressive collection of books in the library. TheDepartment guides the activities of the English Association which actively promotesseminars and dramatic activity among students.

The English Faculty

Degree College

Junior College

Prof. (Mrs.) V.R. Balaporia  M.A.; M.Phil. Mrs. M.G. Jhangiani M.A.
Dr. (Mrs.) R.G. Shahani M.A.; Ph.D. Mrs. A. Talapatra M.A.; B.Ed
Dr. G.S. Shahani M.A.; Ph.D. Mrs. P.P. Dubash M.A.; B.Ed
Mrs. K. Jadhav M.A.; M.Phil. Mrs. C. Fernandes M.A.; B.Ed
Mrs. M. Pinto M.A.; M.Phil. Ms. D.N. Sajnani M.A.; B.Ed
    Mrs. R.A. Wadhwani M.A.; B.Ed
    Ms. N. Sharma M.A.

English Association

The English Association more academically inclined in all its activities, butnevertheless jubilant in organization and participation. A mandatory event, every year, isthe Academic Seminar (late January) - whose topics take the student beyond thesyllabus.

Chairperson: (Prof.) Dr. Govind Shahani
Secretary: Ms. Ronita Italia
Jt. Secretary: Ms. Gargi Shinde


3-IN-1 (What's the good word + Dumb Charades + Pictionary) - 27th Nov.
            Winners: 2nd - Kavitha (SYJC) / Milap (SYBCom)
                          1st - Dhruv (SYBA) / Anshul (SYBA)

English Play : Waiting for Godot - 15th Dec. at Jai Hind College Auditorium.
The play, written by Samuel Beckett, will be performed by the students of Jai Hind College. Entry is open to all. Tickets available at the college.

Academic Seminar - late January (topic undecided)


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