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Jai Hind College

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Jai Hind College

Address : 

"A" Road, Churchgate, Mumbai - 400 020 Maharashtra, India.

Tel: (91-22) 2041095

Fax:(91-22) 2886483


Department of Economics 

The Economics Department is one of the oldest departments in our college.Since its inception in 1948, it has catered to the academic curricula laid down by theUniversity of Bombay for the Graduate Classes in the Arts and Commerce faculties.Economics is offered as a Major for the B.A. Degree Course. 

  Resume of the Teaching Faculty


Degree College

Junior College

Dr. D.M. Harver M.A., Ph.D. (Mathematical Economics & Environmental Economics) 
Reader & Head of the Department
Ms. N. Kiratra M.A.
Prof. (Mrs.) A.R. Suri M.A. (Monetary & International Economics) Ms. M. John M.A.; B.Ed.
Prof. (Mrs.) M.D. Choudhary M.A., M.Phil. (Monetary & International Economics) Mr. P.A. Shenoy M.A.; B.Ed.
Prof. (Mrs.) A.K. Siddiqui M.A. (Industrial Economics & Monetary Economics)
Dr. D.M. Harver and Prof. (Mrs.) A.R. Suri are recognized Post Graduate Teachers. 

In terms of University rankings, the Economics Department of our college is rankedfirst among the same departments of other colleges in Mumbai. 

Economics Association 

The Economics Association of Jai Hind College was established through the resolution ofthe Managing Board of the college in April 1998. The aim of the Association is toencourage and sustain, economic and research pursuits among the Economics students, andconduct seminars, talks, symposia and book reviews in the related fields. 

The Association was formally inaugurated on September 29th, 1998, by Dr. B.Chakrobarty, Director: Research & Statistics Dept., R.B.I.


Economic Convention : Development & Environment
The Economics Association, in collaboration with the AcademicsCommittee of the HSNC Board, is organizing a 2 day Economic Convention on "Development& Environment" on 27th & 28th November, 1998 at Jai Hind College.Teams of students from 7 participating colleges will be presenting their papers ondifferent aspects of the main theme. The topic for our College team is "EnvironmentalPriorities for 2020".

The Convention will be attended by Prof. Ian Willis andassociate Prof. Marika Vicziany of the Economics Department of the Universityof Monash, Australia. Other stalwarts participating are:
Mr. Bittu Sehgal, Mr. Mahableshwar Morje, Dr. Shyam Asolekar,etc.

The Economics Association intends publishing the papers presented at theConvention.

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