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Jai Hind College

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Jai Hind College

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"A" Road, Churchgate, Mumbai - 400 020 Maharashtra, India.

Tel: (91-22) 2041095

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Faculty Of Arts

The Faculty of Arts in the University of Mumbai is the oldest and largest faculty. It comprises Languages, Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, Social Welfare, and Library Science. As its dean, it is my constant endeavour to ensure that all these components function at their optimum level.

In my capacity as Vice Principal of a multi-faculty college like Jai Hind, my prime concern is to ensure the efficient working of all these three faculties, but I cannot deny my bias for the Arts Faculty. The options we offer are naturally but a small section of the wide range spanned by the University; but what we do offer provides a basic understanding of life itself, by sharpening the student's insight into human behaviour, and by arming him with skills to establish positive social interaction. This goal can be reached whether the student opts to major in Literature or Economics, Psychology or Political Science, History or Philosophy. The ultimate objective is to inculcate in the student a sense of values which will govern his behaviour, and give him the strength to see the world with a clear and unclouded vision.

Mrs. Balaporia

 - Prof. (Mrs.) V.R. Balaporia
Dean, Faculty Of Arts, University of Mumbai
Vice Principal, Jai Hind College
Head, Department of English, Jai Hind College


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